2012 winner of SATRA Best Innovation in Occupational Personal Protective Equipment

  1. • Flexible leaf-spring to spread weight
  2. • Soft rubberised materials for 100% memory without loss of function
  3. • Abrasive resistant cover protects from objects penetrating the knee
  4. • Washable
  5. • Curved to fit around knee
  6. • Shallow scoop at base of kneepad prevents nerve ‘deadening’ in knee and leg
  7. • Elevates knee to reduce pressure on leg, ankle and foot joints
  8. • Laboratory impact tests show the knee is immediately protected reducing the chance of short and long-term damage to the knee joints*
  9. • Will take one and a half times more pressure than other kneepads allowing the kneepad to take the strain and not the knee joints
  10. • Fits knee-pocketed work trousers. Fits tight to avoid slippage
  11. • 100% recyclable
  12. • Lightweight & flexible
  13. • Breathable to keep you cool and dry in hot or damp conditions
  14. • Matrix protects knee from cold surfaces
  15. • Honeycomb design to absorb pressure
  16. • Long lasting – significantly outlasts foam and gel foam pads up to 10 times*
  17. • Significantly outperforms foam and gel foam pads*
  18. • Tests prove that Redbacks™ are 70% better at absorbing the user’s weight than any other slide-in knee pad currently on the market
  19. • Designed for long term use
  20. • Suitable for use with a ‘kicker’
  21. • CE approved Type 2 Level 1 Have penetration protection against sharp objects such as glass, nails, needles and splinter up to 100 Newtons
  22. No other knee pad for work trousers can compare with the all-round performance of Redbacks™**
  23. • Patented worldwide***

*Test designed and undertaken in laboratory conditions at Staffordshire University in October 2008 at the Movement Analysis Laboratory by Prof. Nachi Chockalingam using static and controlled loads representative of impact forces when the kneepads are in use.  These impact forces were tested using equipment calibrated and in use for Staffordshire University.  The loads used are greater than those required for EN:14404:2004+2010 and represent a greater spectrum of users

**CE EN 14404-2004 + A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1

***Australian patent application no. 2010212195 Canadian patent application no. 2751632 China patent application no. 201080016214.8 European Patent application no. 2393387 New Zealand patent application no. 595004 South African patent application no. 2011/06463 UK patent no. 2467646  UK patent application no. 1115308.7 USA patent pending

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